Our Philosophy Regarding Fees

Frustration with insurance companies cutting of claims, intentional delays of payment, and mandates about what kind of care I can provide my patients led to several changes in our office.  I have cancelled the majority of my insurance contracts and only retained a select few quality companies who have maintained some integrity.

I immediately changed my fee structure to reflect a wellness practice focused on helping people, rather than playing the game of insurance reimbursement.  My examination fee became a flat fee of $144 and included all diagnostic services needed on your visit.  I no longer changed the fee depending on the amount of time I spent with a patient, or what level of examination I performed or if I took x-rays and how many I took.  While not “cheap”, this fee made a first visit affordable for all patients, rather than just those covered by insurance.  I also lowered my progress exam fee from $60-$90 to a flat fee of $50 as well as my adjustment fee from $38-$50 to a flat fee of $35.  My adjustment fee now approaches and is sometimes less expensive than the co-payment expected by insurance companies.

If you have insurance, are you still able to use it?  Absolutely!  We will print a bill for you to send in to them and you will be reimbursed much more quickly as the fee is so low and because you are their customer, they are far less likely to “play games” with their paying customer.

We have adopted this policy years ago and have never looked back.  It has reduced operational stress for my staff and made things much more simple for my patients with no more middleman mandating care restrictions.  Please contact us  with any questions regarding insurance reimbursement.