About Dr. Ehresman

Hi, I’m Dr. Carl Ehresman. I am frequently asked why I chose chiropractic as a profession. I have always been concerned with helping people, especially in the area of healing. As a young child I cared for my grandmother while she fought cancer, it was here I gained the passion to serve the sick. As for choosing chiropractic, my family encouraged me to look into it. My concept at that time was that chiropractic was a treatment for back pain. My mind was made up and so directly after I graduated high school in 1989, I dove into my studies. By December of 1994 I had completed my bachelor’s degree in human biology as well as my Doctor of Chiropractic. I soon found myself in practice in Tumwater with another doctor. Here I witnessed chiropractic assist people in their overall health and not just a treatment for back pain. I found that I could help many people with chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic exercises, but there were a few I was not able to help. I next looked into the area of nutritional therapy. Combining chirorpactic adjustments and nutritional supplements allowed me to increase the percentage of people I was able to help. However, I never really felt I was helping people reach true wellness, so I kept searching. I spent nearly a decade researching health, healing, human potential and wellness. All of this hard work and study culminated in receiving my wellness certification, something fewer than 70 chiropractors worldwide have achieved.

The wellness certification program offers an extensive post-graduate curriculum of pertinent wellness research, patient care approaches and methods to maximize the clinical effectiveness of chiropractic care in a new wellness paradigm. The program includes evidence-based information in nutrition and natural health, wellness-directed physical fitness and spinal hygiene, and state of mind and emotional health, as well as effective insights for generating and supporting patient lifestyle changes. Doctors also learn advanced approaches to patient wellness assessment, clinical case management strategies for optimal wellness, and recent research findings on clinically relevant lifestyle choices.

“The C.C.W.P. Certification give practitioners practical research and science-based data in a growing field that is increasingly relevant because it addresses important health issues in a context where chiropractors already do excel,” says ICA President, John K. Maltby, D.C., “Those who complete the curriculum build an intensified understanding of the founding philosophic and scientific principles of chiropractic. They are also uniquely equipped to fill and important lifestyle and public health gap in their communities by becoming a sound, authoritative source of evidence-based wellness living strategies.”

I also utilize a highly effective chiropractic adjusting technique based 100 percent upon research. There are fewer than 1000 chiropactors worldwide that have even taken this training. I have now found I can help nearly every patient regain their health by utilizing a fully holistic wellness approach where I assist my patients in areas of nutrition, exercise, spinal health, and healthy thought patterns.