There’s Always Hope

When I was still a student in Chiropractic College, one of my professors invested me with a pearl of healing wisdom I have never forgotten. It was a quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. who said: “Never deprive someone of hope, for it may be all they have.”

If you’ve been following my articles, you know that mental outlook plays a huge role in wellness. Hope is an essential part of mental outlook. Whether you have been diagnosed with an awful disease or just laid off from your job, it is essential to never give up hope of better things. There is no disease from which someone has not recovered from. There is always hope! Look to the future with optimism. Life will get better. As Og Mandino wrote in the famous God Memorandum: you are the greatest miracle in the world.
If you are lacking in hope, stand up and brush yourself off. Your new life starts today! Start every day with an hour dedicated to you and you alone. Write out affirmations that proclaim what you want from life, how terrific you are and how bright your future is to be. Read them aloud to yourself. Spend ten minutes visualizing how your day is going to play out. Spend the rest of the time taking care of yourself physically. Stretch, meditate, do yoga or Tai Chi. These small exercises are what have taken fortune 500 CEO’s and elite athletes to their highest level of performance. They can help you too. Believe in yourself, smile. You can do it!

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